Instructions for use

HOPPER: Instructions for use


1. To climb on the hopper, place it on level ground without a slope. Do not climb onto the hopper when it is tilting or on a slope, as this may cause the hopper to tip over.

2. The payload of the Hopper is max. 100 kg.

3. Please note that the surface of the Hopper can be slippery when wet. Make sure that the surface is dry before mounting.

4. Check the hopper for defects before each use and do not climb on if defects affect the stability of the hopper!

5. When mounting, make sure that you step on the center of the grooved surface and not on the edge.

6. Lift the hopper by the edges with both hands. Sustained lifting or pulling on one side can cause the edges to tear. This can lead to falls or the foam tearing off.

7. Due to the foam that contributes to the Hopper's special lightness, signs of wear from everyday use are unavoidable. Signs of use and destruction by animals (e.g. cats) as well as tearing off the edges by lifting on one side, do not constitute grounds for complaint.

8. Do not let your animals eat the Hopper.