The HOPPER® - the light and safe climbing aid for equestrian sports. The HOPPER® sets new standards in terms of safety, weight and functionality. Where other products made of wood or plastic require a compromise between stability and lightness, HOPPER® delivers both.

    By using innovative foam technology, HOPPER® is a climbing aid that reduces the risk of injury to the horse at an important moment to a minimum. At the same time, the shape of the HOPPERS® ensures easy mounting for the rider. And that with a weight starting from just 2.8 kg! For this reason, the HOPPER® is particularly suitable for mounting young horses, for riding lessons with children or for therapeutic riding.


    The HOPPERPAD - the saddle pad for optimal pressure equalization. The HOPPERPAD creates optimal and health-promoting pressure equalization for your horse's back. A unique foam combination ensures proven pressure reduction and delivers the perfect balance for horse and rider.

    The HOPPERPAD is an innovation among saddle pads. In addition to the innovative shape, a special foam combination provides optimal pressure equalization for the horse's back. The foam combination enables precise adjustment to the horse's back as well as optimal damping during movement and thus protection of the back muscles.

    Proven pressure reduction combined with an optimal connection and balance between horse and rider make the HOPPERPAD a unique choice for equestrian sports.