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Welcome to our shop! With our passion for equestrian sports and our expert knowledge in the production of rubber, foam and plastic materials, we have developed innovative equestrian products for you.

The HOPPER® and the HOPPERPAD support the optimal connection and balance between horse and rider.


    The three-stage HOPPER® XXL offers the greatest possible climbing comfort at a height of 75.00 cm.

    The wide bottom step ensures maximum stability. The rubber grooved mat on the treads protects against wear and tear caused by daily use.

    PRICE HOPPER XXL: €445.00 including VAT plus shipping costs via courier

    To order the HOPPER® XXL, please contact us so that we can coordinate shipping with you.

  • HOPPER®: individual labeling

    We would be happy to label your Hopper® with your name in white on the front, for example. Currently only characters are possible, an image option is planned. When labeling with longer names, there is a break on several lines.

    PRICE individual inscription: €25.00 including VAT.

    Please contact us to label your HOPPER® so that we can coordinate the characters with you.

  • HOPPER®: Individual logo

    We would be happy to print your Hopper® with your monochrome logo (after prior checking) on ​​the front.

    PRICE Individual logo: by arrangement

    If you would like to have your HOPPER® printed with a logo, please contact us so that we can coordinate the logo file with you.